Very Brief History

One of the first swim and tennis clubs in Atlanta, Brittany Club, established in 1962, was built on land donated by an original developer of the Brittany and Oglethorpe neighborhoods. Begun as a beach club using Silver Lake for swimming, the current Olympic-sized pool was built with a 25-year mortgage secured by a group of neighbors, who saw the need for a pool large enough for competitive swimming. The first two tennis courts were built shortly after the pool opened; two more courts were added in 1966, designed by Don Budge, and the fifth and sixth followed as membership grew. The eligible membership area gradually expanded as new neighborhoods sprang up.

Detailed History

The historic collection Bits (Brittany's Newsletter) gives a glimpse of period events, condition, and problems.  While we do not have a complete libary, it is still very informative.

Writing the History gives credit to people writing our detailed history and their sources.  The Club's Beginning tells how and whiy the founding members started the club while Roots of Success extends why the club has been successful over a long period of time when many private community clubs have lanquished or vanished .

Membership size and options has changed as the club aged and times changed is examined in Membership Growth.  How Brittany Got Its Name goes long in describing our name and 21st Century Improvements lists how the club keeps itself current in today's styles and aminities demands.
The last two sections describe Interesting Area History and Street Names From History or how the core streets derived their names.